Le Voltine

in the scenic beauty of Martina Franca

A traditional star-vaulted ceiling property, constructed stone by stone in the mid 18th century, that boasts authenticity, charm and functionality to make your stay unforgettable.

Stay in one of the most iconic corners of Martina Franca

Le Voltine is located in one of the most iconic corners of the historic city center of Martina Franca, right next to the magnificent portal of entry of “Palazzo Ancona”.

This traditional star-vaulted ceiling property, constructed stone by stone in the mid 18th century, boasts authenticity, charm and functionality.

Only two-minute walk from the closest parking area of “Via Donizetti” and only about five-minute walk from the main square “Piazza Plebiscito”, Le Voltine features a comfortable bedroom with queen bed and a cozy living area with queen size sofa bed, LED TV, full kitchen with refrigerator and stove, full bathroom, towels and bed linen.

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Caves of Castellana
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Polignano a Mare

How to reach Le Voltine

Le Voltine awaits you at 7 km from Locorotondo, 10 km from Cisternino, 13 km from Alberobello, 16 km from Zoosafari (Fasano), 25 km from Ostuni, 30 km from the Caves of Castellana, 33 km from Monopoli, 40 km from Polignano a Mare, 60 km from Brindisi Airport (BDS) and 86 km from Bari Airport (BRI). 

Our Main Facilities

What Le Voltine offers 

Free street parking

Free Wi-fi

Complementary breakfast

Central location

Kitchen appliances

Indoor fireplace

Fully equipped bathroom

Towels and bed linen

Our best surroundings


Martina Franca

Lose yourself through the alleys of the historic city center of Martina Franca and follow your instinct to find your way back to a local bakery, a bar or a restaurant in the centermost Piazza Plebiscito and Piazza Maria Immacolata.


Locorotondo and Cisternino

Locorotondo and Cisternino are truly delightful places amongst the 330 most beautiful historic villages in Italy ('Borghi più belli d'Italia'). These are towns to simply get lost in for a few hours. So enjoy, because you really can't miss them!



Visit Alberobello, where the traditional dry stone, conical roof “Trulli” reach their highest expression and density. A Unesco World Heritage site since 1996 thanks to the unique architectural and historical value of trulli houses.

Special Offers

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What Our Guests Say

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Out of 5
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Emily Hunt
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Le Voltine Information

Reservation Alert

Le Voltine requires a minimum of 2 nights stay. Breakfast is served at a typical Italian bar close by.


03:00 PM


11:00 AM


Centro Storico
74015 Martina Franca (TA)



No Smoking

100% Smoke Free

Pet Policy

No pets allowed

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